Yesterday I figured I would go back and work through some of the achievements I missed in MyCareer. With the NBA2K13 servers gone now, I figured this may be problematic. It appears some of them work with the online only VC (Virtual Currency) and some work with either VC or the offline SP (Skill Points). I was able to make the 'Now Playing' achievement pop by purchasing a pre-game ritual using SPs but not the 'NBA Cares' when I purchased the fans booster. Is there a list somewhere that mentions this?

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I like to use TrueAchievements for stats on achievements like this. The general community on TA is very active on flagging categories for achievements including when an achievement becomes unobtainable. I have not personally played this game, nor can I verify which achievements are unobtainable. However, the TA community keeps all of this information up to date on all Xbox games.


According to TrueAchievements there are currently, as of today 2015-08-05, 15 discontinued achievements in this game. They are listed as follows:

  • Another Day, Another Win
  • Back to Back to Back
  • Don't Hate the Player
  • From the Ground Up
  • Hamilton
  • Lincoln
  • On the Road Again
  • Not Your Father's Association
  • Remaking History
  • Runneth Over
  • The Here and Now
  • The Sum of Its Parts
  • This One Counts
  • To Good Use
  • You're Officially Hot

However, I would recommend looking at the link because it will be an up to date list at any time. This is a static list that I am taking from their information, so it won't change. Plus I can not check to see if this list is correct or not.


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