I'm stuck on the following. Is there a more effective way to delete the code block besides what I've been doing which is "d4j" from the top line?

lolcode puzzle


Turns out "d4j" was the absolute minimum number of keystrokes required to delete the block, according to a Facebook comment by the game's creator,

"There are 5 areas to fix in this text. Delete the first with two keystrokes, change the case of the second with one keystroke, move one line down and change the next area with 2 keystrokes. Move to the next area with 2, delete with another 3, get to the last with another 2, and change them with another 3."

For anyone that's curious, where I messed up was using "RI" on the second block instead of just "~"

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    It took me a long time to realize I could 3x instead of d3l. – Chris Keele Jun 29 '14 at 17:27

This worked for me

  • j Move to W
  • fC Store move to CK
  • k Move up to reset counter
  • j Move to W
  • 3x Delete WAI
  • ~ Change case of I
  • j Move to N
  • 5~ Change case of n has
  • 5j0 Move to start of PLZ OPEN
  • d4j Delete 4 lines
  • ; Move to CK
  • 2rG Replace CK with GG
  • 20b Move to new found key

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