How come when I got online today my crew rank was at 17, the other day I was 127, why did my crew rank drop?

  • in-game or social club rank? – Filipe.Fonseca Apr 30 '14 at 13:48
  • Isn't 17 BETTER than 127 in terms of rank? – Waterseas Apr 30 '14 at 14:25
  • No. Online crew rank in game goes from 1 up I was high now I can't even put crew color smoke on my tires. – michael Apr 30 '14 at 16:00
  • Have you changed crews. You can have up to 6. If you are removed from the crew and re-added my the moderator you lose your rank. Not if you switch. Check your crews. – Brok3n Apr 30 '14 at 22:25
  • No never. I have different ones but no. I have been in this crew for the past 3 months I believe. But I was just playing the other day at a high crew rank. (Just talked to a crew member told me I was rank 150 in the crew) but today upon playing I seen I was level 17 – michael Apr 30 '14 at 23:20

Contact rockstar support to restore your progress. https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us Sign in with your rockstar id and post a question on the site. This happened to me to- I was rank 21 and got reseted to 1 and lost all me progress If you contact them they should get back to you in less then a day, time and restore your progress, as they did for me.I got a mail back in less than 5 hrs.

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