What is the end goal of Terraria? More specifically, at what action taken / boss defeated / item acquired can you say that you've beaten the game?

I know it's a sandbox game, and thus doesn't really have an "end goal," but it still feels like there could be. What is it? Or, what would it be?


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There is no single official end goal. However, there are a few long-term goals the game sets:

  • Fight all boss monsters (kind of the minimum thing you have to do before you can claim to have beaten the game)
  • Get/craft all equipment (requires fighting many bosses multiple times).
  • Completely eliminate all corruption from the world (the Dryad wants you to do this, but it would be an incredible amount of repetitive work).
  • Collect all achievements.

And of course you can do all this in mediumcore or hardcore for an extra challenge.

Apart from that, many players make up goals for themselves, often in the form of building elaborate structures.

  • I've actually cleared a map of Corruption/Crimson using the Clentaminator. It's not too hard, but you do have to keep re-visiting areas because you'll miss a block or two here and there, and they'll re-corrupt a large patch.
    – Marsh
    Commented May 6, 2014 at 19:16

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