What are the options in the game for PVP covenants and what would the pros and cons be? I'm a member of the Brotherhood of Blood right now but find it lacking in a few key areas.

I see other covenants but most of the wiki's are very bare right now so if anyone has a solid grasp on what's what in the PVP world, I'd appreciate your input.


Aside from the Brotherhood of Blood covenant...

The Blue Sentinels which invade the world of the guilty (BoB covenant). This covenant also has its own arena to duel in at the cost of Tokens of Virtue. That would be my only con.

Dragon's Remenants is a summon PvP. Where you leave summon signs to be summoned and duel.

The Rat King covenant which allows you to traverse the Grave of Saints & Door of Pharros and combat grey spirits, which are people who are not part of the covenant that enter the area when you are wearing the covenant's corresponding ring.

Bell Keeper covenant A.K.A. Bell Bros are similar to the Rat King covenant. The difference being that you are teleported as a dark spirit to one of the bell locations when a player trespasses in the territory.

With those final two mentioned covenants, you are defending something. Rat King is the bonfire and Bell Keeper is the lever to ring the bell.

As for pros and cons, that is entirely what you want from your PvP experience. Bell Keepers tend to gank a lot. Rat King is a 1v1 with NPCs at your disposal. Aside from that, it is very opinionated.

Hope that's what you're looking for! :D

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    If you're really hurting for pvp, kill every single NPC at the end of a playthrough. Since your infamy carries through you'll be almost constantly invaded by sentinels. I learned this the hard way, unfortunately. I couldnt reset my infamy either because I killed the guy who pardons you xD – slow_excellence Jun 26 '14 at 18:41

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