In the graphics settings, the description for "View distance" which has a slider for 1-100 is as follows:

Adjusts the distance at which certain objects in the game will no longer be visible. Increasing this will provide a richer and more realistic environment at the expense of performance.

Does that include players or siege weapons? That is the most important to me. If I can see someone at a further distance in PVP it is always advantageous.

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This is what I've found at some experimenting:

  • Large buildings like the PVP bridge gates and resource buildings
  • Graphical detail of said buildings at a distance
  • Smaller objects like boulders, plants, trees, etc. Sometimes they don't even load until I run into them!
  • NPCs

What is most important is that the overall distance visible until that blue cloud covers everything is less. So in PVP, if an enemy player is beyond that line, you can't see them (or anything else, like siege weapons). If you care about PVP most, I would prioritize this setting at 100 and try to lower some other setting to mitigate the performance loss.

When I changed my settings from 100 down to 1, I noticed that about 20 meters of visible-area-cutoff.

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