Pretty sure I've seen this cone appear orange as well. This screenshot is taken from the iPad version.

cone hat statue

Furthermore, I always wondered what the text underneath is actually referring to. Does a radio station mention this 'event' in 1936?


'For those who fought for freedom. 1936'

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A Rockstar North easter egg, it's a reference to the statue of the Duke of Wellington located in Glasgow, Scotland. People often put a traffic cone on the head of the statue for a laugh.

Taken from Wikipedia:

The equestrian Wellington Statue, most often featured with a traffic cone on its head, on Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow, Scotland, is one of the city's most iconic images.

  • It's not the only statue that regularly gets this treatment. Putting traffic cones on monuments is popular woth drunk students all over the country. May 14, 2023 at 12:50

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