My Fire Walkers burn the ground I walk on, dealing 100$ weapon damage to enemies within a radius. Can the boots do critical hits? If so, is the crit damage based off your normal damage or the damage the boots do (in this case 100% so it would be the same thing)?

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I do not own a pair, but there seems to be a consensus online that they cannot crit:

On Battle.net:

They don't crit or proc LoH :/

On Reddit:

dismiss companion and stand right next to mobs, you will always get the same number. it doesnt crit

You can test it yourself though: equip the boots, and dismiss any other buff/skill/item that damages mobs. Run around and watch the damage, and see if it ever changes.


I had a pair of Fire Walkers previously on my character (I use Lut Socks now), and I can 100% confirm that the proc on them DOES NOT crit at all.

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