I have found the Molag Bal boss fight impossible. I'm fighting with a VR1 Sorcerer and all combinations of food/potions/skillsets have been to no avail.

Is there something I'm missing that would greatly help defeating him and his army of ridiculous dragons? Should I wait until VR10 to do this? Have you guys been able to beat him at VR1?

I have, of course, gotten the "divine blessing" uber-duber buff beforehand. Please advise.

  • I know some ppl are having luck with throwing a couple points in Bow and kiting him to death.
    – Paralytic
    Commented May 5, 2014 at 16:43

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After a lot of initial failures and experiments for the right skillset I finally managed to win. Here's what I used:

Destruction staff

  • Velocious curse (instant cast for good damage)
  • Endless fury (excellent for finishing him off under 20%)
  • Conjured ward (damage shield)
  • Bolt escape (imperative for kiting him)
  • Entropy (excellent DoT with HoT)

Healing staff

  • Blessing of restoration (good for emergency instant heal)
  • Dark deal (replenishes health and mana at cost of stamina, as well as a good defense buff)
  • Bolt escape
  • Rapid regeneration (excellent HoT, kept it consistently running)
  • Healing springs (good main heal)


Avoid using any spell/attack that slows down your movement. You don't want to get caught close to him. Heavy staff attacks and crystal shards, I found, were complete no-no's. I didn't have to use any of my ultimates, but Negate Magic (or any ability that silences enemies) would have surely helped.

When the dragons come and attack in a large group, be sure to block with your weapon. The "god mode" buff allows you to deflect their ranged attacks back at them. Just walk around deflecting and healing while the dragons are present.

I did this with stage 4 vampirism, i.e., SUPER SLOW health regeneration. Still pulled it off with the good HoT spells.

If you use summoned creatures, note that they won't agro Molag Bal at all. He only attacks you.

Most people I talked to were able to beat him at VR1, so it's not uncommon to do so.

This guy's video shows another VR1 Sorcerer beating Molag Bal. He used a similar skillset to beat him and it's written in the comments.


I killed him in 1 attempt, was surprised of how easy it was, was level 47 or so with one handed and shield, fought him alone and he was dead in under 5 mins or so :). It was very close though

I recommend using rune focus if you are templar otherwise abilities to increase you armor and magic resistance, some good health restoring potions and 1 healing ability.

You should be fine as long as you dont let him cast to many spells, if you see him casting go interrupt him.


I finally beat him today with my dw templar. The trick is stay away from him and hit with javelin and bolts...With a few up close hit and run. When the adds spawn just stand and block. Throw in some basic hits. I had no real self heals other then 6 good health pots. Some food to boost stamina and magica. It is a long battle but it works...If you have a bow to switch to every so often use that as well. It was basically...run, turn towards him...few hits...run again...stay out of red zones...run...hit...run again. Hopefully that helps some.

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