How to distinguish a defender from a left forward... for example? I have not seen a good summary at the web


There is a list of these on the English Wikipedia. Here's the ones I remember having seen in Fifa 14. They are always color-coded to show which area of the game they belong to. For the center positions the left and right seems to refer to the current formation. I.e. a player cannot be a LCB. He's a CB on his bio, but he is playing the LCB position.

Goalkeeper: Orange

  • GK: Goalkeeper

Defense: Yellow

  • CB: Center-back
  • LCB: Left center-back
  • RCB: Right center-back
  • LB: Left-back (Full-back)
  • RB: Right-back (Full-back)

Midfield: Green

  • CM : Centre midfield
  • LDM: Left center midfield
  • LAM: Left attacking midfield
  • RDM: Right center midfield
  • RAM: Right attacking midfield
  • CDM: Centre defensive midfield
  • CAM: Centre attacking midfield
  • LM : Left midfield
  • RM : Right midfield

Attack: Blue

  • ST: Striker
  • CF: Center forward
  • LW: Left winger
  • RW: Right winger
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