The 6-piece bonus for the Superior Rune of the Monk grants +10% outgoing heal effectiveness to allies.

The Elementalist trait Aquatic Benevolence increases healing done to allies by 25%.

Do these two bonuses stack to increase healing done to allies by 35%, or does Aquatic Benevolence override the bonus from the Rune?

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    Yes, but not on yourself, only on other allies (AB doesn't affect your own healing, see your link). Good question, as I haven't seen the difference between straight-up Healing Power and something that doesn't increase your stat directly but "improves effectiveness" explained very well anywhere. – Amos M. Carpenter May 9 '14 at 7:46

Yes, multiple "outgoing heal effectiveness" effects will stack additively. If you combine Aquatic Benevolence with Rune of the Monk, outgoing healing will be increased by 35%.

I did some tests on this in Heart of the Mists by equipping a Rune of the Grove and traiting 0/0/0/6/0 for 1397 Healing Power, then observing the effects of my Soothing Mist on myself and others.

The base effectiveness of Soothing Mist was 150 HP/second on both myself and others. When I swapped the Rune of the Grove for a Rune of the Monk, the effect on others increased to 165 HP/sec. Adding the Aquatic Benevolence trait increased it to 203 HP/sec.

These numbers work out increases of 10% and 35% over the baseline of 150.

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