Terraria 1.2.4 added a fishing mechanic. I have a few questions on how it works exactly:

  1. What types of "critters" can be used as bait? So far I've seen that worms, grasshoppers, and fireflies work.
  2. What determines whether my bait is consumed? I occasionally catch junk (seaweed, old shoe, etc), and my bait count stays the same. I've even had this happen when I catch a fish.
  3. What does the "fishing power" stat for bait and fishing rods control? How often fish are caught? The value of what is caught? Something else?
  1. Any critter that is an insect can be used as bait. This includes worms, fireflies/lightning bugs, butterflies, grasshoppers, and scorpions. I generally go for worms followed by fireflies, based on how common they are while still having a decent bait %. One variety of butterfly is as good as Master Bait (50%), but it's rare.

  2. Bait consumption is a random chance separate from rod and bait %'s. There is an accessory (Tackle Box) which reduces bait consumption chance, and I think there's also a potion that does the same thing.

  3. Bait % is added to the rod's power %, similar to bows' damage being combined with the arrows' damage. The combined value affects your likelihood to get a higher-rarity fish and how quickly fish bite. I think some of the rarest fish are unobtainable without a high-power rod and/or high-value bait.

I highly recommend using a Sonar Potion while fishing. It tells you which fish is on the hook, so you can let the Bass just keep on swimming. It's crafted from bottled water + waterleaf + coral at a table with a jar on it.

It's worth noting that some fish are fished out of honey and lava instead of water, so give that a try, too!

  1. I have used grasshoppers, worms, butterflies, and fireflies. There might be others as well, but I'm not sure.
  2. I think I read somewhere that the bait power is its chance to not be consumed upon a catch. IE higher bait power means it stays around longer.
  3. I was trying to learn about the fishing power as well. My pure guess is that it is more likely to catch the rarer fish. (I have no idea though)

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