I have been playing on a LAN with my brother lately and it all worked fine for a while then I couldn't collect XP any more. By that I mean I can pick up the XP orbs and they make a sound and that's it, my XP bar does not go up.

  1. We are both on 1.7.5 with Optifine
  2. It worked for a while
  3. We are playing on offline mode
  4. We do have different accounts (Bought)
  5. My brother's hosting and his XP works
  6. Even using /xp doesn't work (E.g /xp 15L not working)
  7. I have tried going on default resource pack, it's not the resource pack
  8. Nothing works (E.g /xp, Killing Mobs, Mining.)
  9. Problems that may be related: I can't open a chest after a while, Can't use item frames after a while, Can't see named mobs after a while, Can't use dogs after a while (This all happens after about 10 minutes of gameplay but not with XP)
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    Restart your game. Seems that client isn't synchronized with the server. – Little Helper May 11 '14 at 15:29
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    This is definitely a desync problem. Try restarting your client or reconnecting. If that does not work, then it might be a connection issue of some sort. – Unionhawk May 14 '14 at 2:51

there are 3 things that cause this, the client, server or you.

Server: try restarting the server, synch problem!

Client: same, restart!

You: you're in such an high XP level, it looks like youre not gaining anything, but you do

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I've seen this happen a couple times where restarting my client did not fix it, and restarting the server did not fix it. I was not a very high level (level 57 the last time it happened), and I know how to read the experience bar (which was stuck at 0%), so it was not a mistake on my part.

I killed myself with fall damage, and that fixed the problem, although it took a little while to work my way back up to the level I was before I died. Once I did, I was able to continue gaining experience normally (until it eventually happened a second time).

This was in Minecraft 1.8.9.

I have not figured out (yet) how to reliably reproduce this issue.

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