I've been working with command blocks for a while and I have gotten pretty good at them, however I'm trying to make a baby zombie (with full diamond armor) riding a chicken and I just can't do it! I can make a baby zombie riding a chicken, or a baby zombie wearing diamond armor, but I can't do both. Where should both qualities go in the coding?


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You want to use the Riding: attribute when you spawn it in. This will produce a zombie chicken jockey in full diamond armor, with a diamond sword (the first item):

/summon Zombie ~ ~1 ~ {IsBaby:1,Riding:{id:Chicken},Equipment:[{id:276},{id:310},{id:311},{id:312},{id:313}]}

It's very likely that you just need to add Riding:{id:Chicken} to what you've currently got in your command block, and adjust the coordinates to fit.

The decimal values for armor and swords (or other weapons, etc) can be substituted to fit whatever need.

Editorial note - reader beware! It is extremely fun to do positively silly things with this and then realize you spent the whole day doing it.

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OP Zombie Villager Chicken Jockey Command:

/summon zombie_villager ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"Your Worst Nightmare", CustomNameVisible:1,IsBaby:1,Equipment: [{id:diamond_sword,Count:1,tag: {ench:[{id:sharpness,lvl:10}]}}, {id:diamond_boots,Count:1,tag: {ench:[{id:protection,lvl:10}]}}, {id:diamond_leggings,Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:protection,lvl:10}]}}, {id:diamond_chestplate,Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:protection,lvl:10}]}}, {id:diamond_helmet,Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:protection,lvl:10}]}}], Riding:{id:"Chicken",IsChickenJockey:1}}

Use this for good enchanted gear drops.


Try this command:

/summon PigZombie ~ ~ ~ {Equipment:[{id:276},{id:310},{id:311},{id:312},{id:313}],CustomName:lol Zombie,Riding:{id:"Chicken"IsChickenJockey:1}}
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To summon a baby zombie with items, type this:

/summon Zombie ~ ~1 ~ {IsBaby:1,CustomName:Equipped Baby Zombie,Equipment:{[id:297]}]

and bam, there you go. Copy and paste this on your Minecraft server.

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I would use this:

/summon Zombie ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"Sittin' On The Chicken",

enter image description here

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