While playing Black Flag, I have noticed that a Uplay notification occasionally appears, usually when I have finished a mission commenting

'You are the x most feared pirate'

How is this calculated? Does it have to do with the number of ships that you sink, or your progression tracker stats?

Basically how is it counted that you the nth most feared pirate?

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Look under "Database" and there's a section labeled "Leaderboards".

It tells you what each of the titles (most feared/prosperous Pirate/deadliest Assassin) means in terms of what's being measured.

Your rank is basically where you sit on the leaderboard.

And from what I know Most Feared Pirate is from destroying ships!

So the more ships you destroy the more you climb on the Most Feared Pirate Leaderboard.


For a more complete answer:

The Most Prosperous Pirate is for the amount of money you plundered throughout the game

and Deadliest Assassin is for most people assassinated.

Hope I Helped!

  • On the "most feared pirates" leaderboard it states "This leaderboard tracks the total number of ships sunk", so you are right.
    – ahillier88
    Nov 17, 2014 at 19:31

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