This came about when I was trying to move the files below into a new area on my computer, I have moved them back since but the problem still arises, when I try and log into my locally hosted mincraft server I get a crash just after the "logging in", Logs below. enter image description here

What I have tried.

I did try the Trouble Shooting Steps Here, and I thought it worked, It gave me a flash of my character, but then crashed again. (This involved a complete re install along with java.)

I have tried connecting to a public Direwolf20 server and it worked fine. It seems to just be connecting to my local server.

I have tried updating my server ( I have not completely wiped it yet as I do not want to lose the save file)

I asked my friend to try and connect and he could connect and play but I cannot.I'm at my wits end I've tried and searched everything I could think of.


I really appreciate you looking over this I know it's not all that fun. All I can do is thank you.

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When you go onto your server and host it on the same computer the CPU can sometimes bottleneck because you can sometimes have too much stuff open in the ram but the CPU can't process it all and theoretically there should be someway of stopping that because all your server is doing is rendering the game once and you are rendering the game again so it is just using double (or there abouts) the resources to run. Note the Server won't use your GPU unless specified that is the only difference between the two.

I know there is a way to port-forward a LAN server which would be the best thing because then you aren't loading two instances of the same game and you would be able to play lag free, If you can play LAN already


This could be your problem:

Memory: 589475320 bytes (562 MB) / 1479016448 bytes (1410 MB) up to 1908932608 bytes (1820 MB)

Minecraft is RAM-intensive, to put it gently. If you're trying to run a local server, it requires more RAM than connecting to a remote. If you've got more available on your PC, try going into the FTB launcher settings and allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

On my PC I can run everything just fine with 3GB, but I've found that it seems to require a lot more if you're using a higher-res texture pack and whatnot. Adjust it up about 500MB at a time and see what happens.


I found that there was something in my inventory that was causing me to dc, I deleted my user from the files and I could relog in back fine.

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