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What are some of the best missions to do on Grand Theft Auto Online, like which missions will give you the most money/rp

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Before the update, the two missions that would give you the highest amount of money and RP were Coveted ($18,000/1450 RP) and Rooftop Rumble ($18,750/3275 RP)

Hack and Dash ($12,000–$24,000/1520 RP), as well as Chemical Extraction ($15,000-$30,000/3850 RP) are other good jobs, but you have to work together as a team. The previous two jobs are easy to do by yourself. Note, these amounts are on the Hard difficulty, which means you just can't go Rambo in the missions and think you'll pass it.

As for the new missions (5/13/14) I haven't played them yet, but once I do, I'll update my answer.

This might be a helpful resource: http://gta.wikia.com/Missions_in_GTA_Online

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