I have fully developed cities in the region with excess workers. I created also residential only city but I have this problem in phase 2 . that Space center halted , No worker 0/300 .

Does anyone have work around this problem ?

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According to many sources online, this is called the Space Center Great Work bug. A fix does exist, but requires the use of two mods.

From simcityplanningguide.com:

The reason that the workers never arrive to the great work construction site is that the road from the space center to the regional freeway does not connect properly. In order to get the intersection properly connected, you can use Skye's Regional Freeway Mod to create a 4th leg to the intersection. There's only a small amount of space to do this because the railroad is in the way, but you can place a short dead-end segment between the intersection and the tracks. (Editor's note: Not every map has a railroad across the street. Just build a 4th leg. It doesn't matter how long it is. Regional freeways can cross regional railways too, so you can build past the railroad tracks if you like.)

enter image description here

Once you place the 4th leg to the intersection, the 300 workers necessary to build will start arriving. If it doesn't register the workers arriving right away, and you're a little impatient, you can close and restart your game. In the video demonstration below, I exited to the main menu and jumped back to the city three times before it worked. If you're not impatient, you can just let it sit and it should eventually build. Both methods work.

The best part about this fix is that it works in both online and offline games. Special thanks goes to Mark Norris from the SimNation Guild who brought this to my attention, tested it out on multiple maps and found that it worked every time. He also found that you can delete the segment after your workers are done building the great work. You can read Mark's comments on the fix below the video.

  • Skye's mod can be downloaded from here: LINK
  • CammodB1 can be downloaded from here: LINK

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