So I'm marathoning all the pokemon games, I don't have a Gameboy Colour anymore so I'm playing the old games on an emulator (VBA) on my Mac. I remember back in the day that you could trade pokemon from Gen I to Gen II through the Time Capsule and a Gameboy Link Cable (ahh the days!)

Is there anyway I can do this with the emulator on my mac? I essentially want to bring my Pokemon Red team to Pokemon Crystal. If someone knows of a solution on how to do this it would be greatly appreciated!

If I can't do this on my mac, I do have a windows partition, but obviously a bit more work in doing that.


Only certain emulators or other third party software can be used to complete this. This video may be able to help:

The user in the video uses a program called TGB Dual which allows you to effectively run two (compatible) versions of the game (i.e. red and blue, or silver and gold, etc.) on the same "console". From here, you can then carry out the trade.

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