I had access to a Mass Effect 2 DVD which has among other things a short-medium video with presenting the main characters of game name Fight for the Lost.

I was watching it, even without subtitles, and when Thane appeared I noticed him VERY different than he is in game. Not perfect as a true CG of course, more like part CG, part human cosplay.

A few minutes later appeared an actress looking very similar to Jack. The haircut, the makeup, the "charming" way of speak with all the sex appeal of her lips movements...

I tried to search more about them but I can only find rips of these scenes on Youtube, but no name, not other detail. So, are they real persons? Is there a full cast somewhere?

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You were watching the "Fight for the Lost" crew interviews on the collector's edition dvd.

Here's Miranda and here's Jack.

As you can see at the start and end, this is just renders using models and textures not found in the game. There's no human actress present.

  • Really? If Jack looked like that in game I would bring her to fight more often (I pick her only for Haestrom mission and The Long Walk in Collector's Base). But I guess you right. Even very realist, it's perfectly clear that Miranda is not Yvonne Strahovski, for example. Thank you Commented May 18, 2014 at 10:57

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