In both jungles I heard there are special places between the trees that you can put your ward in order to block the neutral camps, and the ward is placed in a place where is difficult to access without skills or items that cut trees. These spots are known as magic bushes as far as I remember.

Can anyone point where are these spots? Pictures are desired, but not needed.


Credit to this reddit post

Beware : This visual guide is dated from before the small and medium camps were inversed, however, the spawn boxes are still the same. Placing a ward in the white areas block the camp.

  • Red dots indicate the hidden wards that block the camp and require to cut down a tree to be found.
  • Blue dots indicate wards that block the camp and provide a view of the rune as well
  • The white text gives visual tips to remember the limit of those area in game
  • The magic bush is indicated aswell (There is only 1 magic bush on the radiant side that block the hard camp and the small pull camp)

Radiant side

enter image description here

Dire side

enter image description here


enter image description here

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