I've noticed in Guild Wars 2 that some of my characters have different voices even though they are the same race.

Is there more than one voice for each race/role combination? Does anyone know which voices go with which combinations?

  • When I created my character in GW2, I was presented with a selection of voices. Each seemed like the same voice, just played back in a different pitch.
    – Lumberjack
    May 22, 2014 at 20:06

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I'm afraid you're mistaken, sorry to say. Each race only has one voice actor each for the male and female roles; they do not vary by class.

The voice cast is as follows:

  • Human PC Male: Nolan North

  • Human PC Female: April Stewart

  • Charr PC Male: Ron Yuan

  • Charr PC Female: Kate Miller

  • Norn PC Male: Matthew Mercer

  • Norn PC Female: Claudia Christian

  • Asura PC Male: Steve Staley

  • Asura PC Female: Julianne Buescher

  • Sylvari PC Male: Brandon Bales

  • Sylvari PC Female: Jennifer Hale

That list was taken from a forum post during beta that I saved on my PC, so unfortunately I can't link to that particular source anymore, but this post (regarding the amount of resources they'd need for more voices) on the current live forums confirms it as well:

5 playable races x 2 genders = 10 character combinations / 10 voices

  • Nolan North as human??? That's awesome...
    – Josef E.
    Jun 30, 2014 at 20:34

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