Lately i found myself running a lot of old instances, for fun, farming professions, reputation, or the one or other special drop. I also got more interested in the pet battle system, which i find quite fun. Now I would like to know in which instances i might get battlepets as loot. I already know of some:

  • Wailing Caverns: the Deviate Hatchling drops from the raptors. I found this accidentally while farming leather
  • Magisters' Terrace: The Phoenix Hatchling drops from Kael'thas. As far as i know in normal mode as well as on heroic.
  • The classic Raid Instances: see Raiding with Leashes
  • Some BC raids: see Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition
  • Several current Pandaria raids. I don't know the specifics on these, since i do not raid.

Are there any others?


There are also 2 pet drops in Lower blackrock spire:

And if you go on wowhead you can search for allot more :)

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