How can I summon PrimedTnt with a custom fuse length? I know I have to add some attributes to it, but I'm not sure as to how I can do that. Does anyone know? Also, is there a way to turn TNT explosion damage? I already know how to summon PrimedTnt, like this:

/summon PrimedTnt <relative coords>

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adding {Fuse:x} to the end of the command will add a custom fuse time however, x can only be replaced by numbers up to 127, 128 and above will detonate the TNT Instantly. Here's an example:

/summon PrimedTnt <relative coords> {Fuse:<amount of ticks>}

1.12 Update

  • PrimedTnt has been changed to tnt. So the new command is:

    /summon tnt 1 2 3 {Fuse:80}

to summon a TNT block at coordinates 1, 2, 3 with a fuse of 4 seconds.

  • Maximum fuse is 32767 ticks, or 00:27:18.35.

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