After I have been playing Watch Dogs for a while it crashes and just says "Watch Dogs stopped working... [Close program]".

Disabling UPlay in-game layout and starting UPlay in offline mode didn't help at all, but when I closed Bandicam I noticed that I can play longer until crash.

My system meets the recommended requirements, and my system doesn't overheat

8-core 3,5GHz (AMD FX-8320)
16GB 1600MHz RAM
7168GB of disk space
EVGA GTX770 SuperClocked ACX

Did you guys find out any tricks to fix Watch Dogs crashing?

  • I realize I have doctored on your question quite a bit, so feel free to rollback the changes. Also, legal game is a given, since we don't help with illegal games on Arqade. – MrLemon May 27 '14 at 13:49
  • @MrLemon Thanks for "doctoring" my question. I just wanted to say that the game is legal one since I have seen people asking for help for illegal copies. Let's hope downgrading nVidia driver will help. – FatalError May 27 '14 at 14:16
  • I think I got it solved! I installed nVidia driver version 335.23 and I closed D3DOverrider (makes FPS better in most games), Bandicam (draws FPS over game) and EVGA Precision (draws timestamp etc over game) – FatalError May 27 '14 at 14:31
  • You should make that into an answer if it solved your problem. Please include the driver that did not work for you as well. – MrLemon May 27 '14 at 15:05
  • @MrLemon Doesn't hurt to clarify that you are using a legal copy of the game as a new user. With new user questions I first assume it's an issue with illegal copies, and I'm usually right ;) – Sadly Not May 27 '14 at 18:25

Problem solved: There was corrupted files. I just did verify and repair files and now it is working. It crashes sometimes (about 30-60min after start) because I run out of VRAM. How can I find which programs uses most VRAM (since Watch_Dogs uses almost 2GB with Medium textures)


I had some issues with the game until I installed the new 377.88 drivers ( I believe it's release drivers not beta ).

I've got a GTX 770 also so that may be your solution.

Here's the link to the latest drivers. (Win 7 - 8 64bit) http://in.download.nvidia.com/Windows/337.88/337.88-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql.exe

Also when you include your specs, include your OS. 64 vs 32 is kind of a big deal.

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