I am looking right at my reactor terminal in survival mode however when I press K it opens up my inventory and I cant put uranium in the reactor (I am using a small reactor on a small ship). My friend has the same problem but it works fine on a large ship.

  • Did you place the reactor? By default if someone places a block, they are the owner of that block and the option to share inventory is disabled.
    – Rosa
    Aug 2 '14 at 5:21

The small reactor has only one opening which can be used to access its inventory. At first glance the side with the opening can be mistaken for a base it is supposed to stand on. Make sure you build your reactor oriented in a way that the side with the opening is accessible (or connected to a conveyor system powered by an already running generator and connected to a storage container containing uranium ingots).


Make sure hints are turned on and then mouse over the yellow port, which is on one of the sides. It should give a hint on how to open it. If it doesn't, your pointer is in the wrong place, or it's not a reactor.

  • The small reactor on a small ship can only be accessed from one direction.
    – Philipp
    Oct 14 '14 at 11:16

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