I want to write a book without putting my name on it. Is this possible?

  • minecraft.gamepedia.com/Book_and_Quill - without an author cited, hence, ghostwriting. I thought that was the correct word for this practice? I edited the body to hopefully make more sense. – absinthe May 31 '14 at 21:29
  • Ghostwritting refers to an auther that writes a book but will not have their name associated with the book. So yeah, thats sort of applicable. I would suggest looking into editing item values. Its a bit tricky as it involves fiddling with the world save. (I have only done it a few times back in the earlier days of minecraft. To allow cheats in a world created without them inabled.) You'll need to track down some program that will allow you to compile the world save into a manipulatable text file. Then save and boom. Its been too long for me to remember which programs I used. Sorry. – Bob May 31 '14 at 22:12
  • Also... I shouldnt have to say this, but. Make absolutely sure you have created back up copys of your world. – Bob May 31 '14 at 22:13

When finished writing a book, click "Done" and leave it as a Book and Quill. You may want to rename it in an anvil to give it a title.

enter image description here

This allows anyone else who gets the book to edit or sign it themselves.

If you wish to avoid this, and you have access to the world file, you can press "Sign" on the book GUI and then locate and change the author name of the book with an NBT editor:

enter image description here

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