Mario Kart 8 has coins scattered about the track which make you go faster and contribute to unlocking kart customisations. Coins can also be obtained from item boxes - there's one item that gives you 2 coins when activated. These (obviously) contribute to making you go faster, but do they contribute to customisation unlocks?

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    If it's anything like MK7, only the coins you have on hand when the race ends count. If so (which I am not currently sure), then the source of the coins would not matter.
    – Toomai
    Jun 2 '14 at 23:09


The number of coins added to your total is the number of coins that each local player has at the end of each race. Regardless of how you collected a coin, if you have it at the end of the race, it counts.

For more details see the Mario Kart 8 Total Coins Collecting Logic question.



All coins contribute to item unlocks, including coins from item boxes.

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