In skyrim i have 100 skill in illusion and i went to the illusion master in the college of winterhold. He gave me a quest to find text books that have the information i need to get the master illusion spells. I need to use a spell he gives me to see the books, but i can't find the text books i need for the master illusion spells , i searched everwhere even in the midden. Does anyone know where i could find the text books?


From UESP:

  1. Find the book in the Arcanaeum (same table as Legend of Red Eagle book)
  2. Find the book in Hall of Attainment (under a bench on the landing of the upper level)
  3. Find the book in Hall of Countenance (on a barrel in the upstairs storeroom)
  4. Find the book in The Midden (table next to the Atronach Forge)


  • Thanks tom i look at some of those places but i was looking too fast i knew i probably missed them – jason valderrama Jun 3 '14 at 2:07

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