like the title says, I'm looking for a way to display a player name in a /tellraw command which is run by a command block. Example:

/tellraw @a {"text":"","extra":[{"text":"A player has won the game!","color":"blue"}]}

And the output is something like this:

A player has won the game!

But I want the output to be something like

JasonSPQR has won the game!

Using the @p parameter

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Tellraw allows for a "selector" part, which takes any selector you want and displays a name. You should do:

/tellraw @a {"text":"","color":"blue","extra":[{"selector":"@p"},{"text":" has won the game!"}]}

This will only work in 1.8 snapshots and above. There is no way to do this in older versions.


you could perhaps make the game work with the scoreboard feature, then in the case of the game being a deathmatch kind of thing, or something where you have a limited number of kills or something like that, you could make the command block check the scoreboard for a certain score, when that score is met, you could then use a comparator to have the command block output a redstone signal and contact another command block, which says [player with score=x] wins, and you could do other things similar to this for a race, in which case, you'd have a line of command blocks buried beneath the finish line, the command blocks would be running the /testfor command, then from those command blocks, you'd run a compator to a repeater, from the repeaters, you'd run a redstone wire to a command block saying [player] wins or [player] has crossed the finish line

  • I know that, but what I was looking for is how to apply that in a tellraw command, because with the /say command, the ouptput is "[@]JasonSPQR has won the game!" and i don't want that "[@]"
    – JasonSPQR
    Jun 5, 2014 at 13:30
  • i'm not sure how to prevent the @ from appearing...
    – jc3833
    Jun 6, 2014 at 4:04
  • Rename the command block to the name of your game, then it will be [game] Person won Jun 7, 2014 at 18:10

Use the Scoreboard Command like one of the other answers said:

/tellraw @a {"text":"","color":"blue","extra":[{"selector":@p[score_wins_min=1},{"text":" has won the game!"}]}

And then a Comparator going into a repeater going into a Command Block:

scoreboard players set @a wins 0

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