So just 30 minutes ago, I wanted had to leave one of my servers, and re-join it due to odd lag issues. However, upon re-logging into the server, the message "Failed to login: The authentication are currently down for maintenance" popped up. I tried and tried to join the server but the message just kept repeating. Everything was fine before I left the server.

I assume that the message meant that the Login problem came from Mojang's end. Therefore, in an attempt to test the authenticity of my assumption, I tried to join several other larger servers. However, the message just continued to appear and the problem persisted.

nest, I went to check on Mojang's services to find out what exactly was going on. Thus, I went to this website to check if Minecraft's services were truly down. I then came face to face with this: enter image description here.

I then went to the Minecraft Forums to find out the source of the problem, however, all I got were a bunch of methods to solve the problem. I attempted all of them but to no avail.

Therefore, I am assuming that Minecraft services are truly down and I would now like to know several things:

Firstly, do you guys have the same problems in the servers you join?

Secondly, when you go to this website, do you receive the same screen as I do?

Lastly, are there any methods to fix this problem?

I would also like to confirm that I am running on the latest version of Minecraft. (1.7.9) and the server that I attempted to join is also updated to 1.7.9.


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Every once in a while, Mojang's various servers go down for maintenance, or from a DDOS attack (Distributed Denial Of Service). Whenever this happens, Mojang is working their hardest to get the servers back up. The targeted servers are usually the Authentication Servers, Minecraft.net, and/or the Multiplayer Sessions Service. The Player Auth servers will only affect if you log out of a server/minecraft and/or try to log in. Sadly, there is nothing you/we can do to fix this. We all have to bear the pain :/

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