Unlike some units, the civlopedia doesn't mention what real-life ship class the Destroyer unit is based off of. My best (amateur) guess is that it's an American or British design, possibly the American Sims, Fletcher, or Benson classes, or the British U and V, W and Z, or C classes. However, at this size and resolution it could also pass as some German or Japanese designs; there seemed to be some level of international similarities.

Most of the real-life ships seem to have rear guns, which the in-game model doesn't. This could be a simplicity/speed/laziness decision on by developers, or it could help narrow it down further.

Any ideas?

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Actually, if you look here the in-game destroyer does have rear guns.

Looking over some of your suggested American designs, I noticed the numbering scheme used and searched Wikipedia for DD-443 (the number on the hull of the destroyer's icon), and came up with the Gleaves-class destroyer (specifically the USS Swanson)

Left image courtesy of well-of-souls.com, right image from modelshipgallery.com

Personally, I think they look rather close enough to call it a match.

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    Good call on the bow numbering; that was how I initially pegged it as US make.
    – rsegal
    Jun 8, 2014 at 12:35

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