I've had a village layout that I used for my "normal" village and a different layout for the "war" village. Now I upgraded my TH and rearranged my "normal" village to a new layout that I want to use for my war village as well.

Is there a way to "reset" the war village and tell it to have the same layout as the normal one instead of manually rearranging it each time I change something?


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Currently there is no way to copy your village to your war base. You must modify your war base by hand.

This is a thread about this here, on the Clash Of Clans forums.


As of Version 6.186.1 (released 3rd July 2014) you can copy your current village layout to your Clan War base.

To do this you must be participating in a Clan War on preparation day. Firstly tap on the clan war button and then tap "Edit War Base". Finally tap "Copy Layout" and then "Okay":

enter image description here

Your current village layout will be copied to your War Base!


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