When I was making a character I created a Paladin with the Cavalier Class Kit, but when I went to choose an alignment I could only choose Lawful Good and was unable to select or view any of the other alignments in the list.

So I am wondering, can some classes/kits restrict which alignments you can choose from? or was there another reason why I could only select 1 alignment for my Cavalier.

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    Paladin can only be Lawful Good. I'm on mobile so I can't cite sources, but it's how Paladin works in all DnD. – user66184 Jun 9 '14 at 23:17

Yes, some classes are restricted and they are as follows:


  • Berserker - Chaotic or Neutral

Rangers - Good

Paladins - Lawful Good

  • Blackguard - Evil (fallen Paladin)


  • Talos - Evil
  • Helm - Neutral
  • Lathander - Good

Druids - True Neutral

Thief - Not Lawful Good

  • Shadowdance - Not Lawful

Bard - Neutral

Monk - Lawful

  • Sun Soul - Lawful Good
  • Dark Moon - Lawful Evil

Barbarian - Neutral

Taken from Baldurs Gate Wikia and GameFAQ

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