How can I create an Ender Portal without using mods and plug-ins? Can I use /summon to get one? Or what command should I use?

I want to get a block which is placeable or directly place a block using commands, in Creative Mode.

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    Have you checked if you can /give yourself the items you need to build it and then construct it by hand?
    – Nat Knight
    Jun 11, 2014 at 5:09

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The portal is nothing else than a block, and blocks have IDs. So, as mentioned in the comment before, you can use /give to get the blocks and build it.

Use this command to get a enderportalblock and the frames with endereyes:

/give player 119 9 
/give player 120 5 4
/give player 120 5 5
/give player 120 3 6
/give player 120 3 7

A little explanation: Block 119 is the portalblock. Basically, this is enough to get into the end. But to make it look like a realistic ender portal, you need 9 of them. Around the portalblocks you need the stones with the endereyes. The block ID is 120 and with the Meta-ID, you can set additional properties for them. 0 - 3 defines the direction in which the block is facing and NO endereye, while 4 - 7 does the same, just that these blocks already contain an endereye. You can only activate a portal if all outer blocks are facing each other, but since you use console commands, it doesnt really matter and you can also use /give player 120 16 4.

Im not completely sure if these commands work, i dont have minecraft on this PC here, if not, i will edit it as soon as im at home ... so in 8 hours or something. :P

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    Note that when Minecraft 1.8 is released, item ids that use numbers will not work anymore. Jun 11, 2014 at 12:34
  • The corresponding names would be 199 = end_portal, 120 = end_portal_frame. For 120 you will need to add the metadata tags to indicate the eyes are in the frame. Jun 11, 2014 at 12:47

Do this:

/setblock ~ ~ ~2 end_portal

or, for a nether portal,

/setblock ~ ~ ~2 portal

Have fun!


I do not think you can activate the End Portal using the /summon Command as /summon is only for Entities. It is better to use /give to give yourself End Portals and place them. Other ideas are:

  1. Go to Creative and place them or
  2. Use Setblock Command

In survival, with no commands, you can't create one. You have to find an underground stronghold, find the end portal, and use ender eyes. Only then can you get to the End.

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