For the past few days, I've visited her in Pallet town between 15:00 and 16:00, and all she's done is yammer about her tea. Do I have to fulfill some other condition for her exclusive services?

Edit: Also, I have gotten a massage or two in the past, so I'm thinking it's some kind of timing issue.


In order for Daisy to massage your Pokémon, you need to have beaten the Elite Four, and visit her between 3pm and 4pm. Additionally, your DS knows if you have altered the time on its clock. Changing the time will void that day's time-based events, so you can't just turn your clock to 3:01pm.But if that's the only time you can make,turn it to the apropriate time so the next day when you come back from work you can get a massage.

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    Yep, I was altering the clock to get at the 3-4 time slot outside of work. I expected it to work more like AC:WW where the time is computed based on your last save and behaves correctly as long as it's moved forward. Definitely did not expect a whole-day void! – Cheezmeister Feb 25 '11 at 21:49

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