Sometimes not loaded chunks create holes in the world. Why is it that some chunks don't load while everything around them gets loaded? Yesterday i traversed such a hole flying, it still didn't load. Is there anything that can be done to avoid such things? It destroys immersion, apart from that chunk being unusable while not loaded.

  • log out and back in, that's all you can do as far as I know. – Arperum Jun 12 '14 at 12:35
  • This is a known bug, filed as MC-129. Another thing you do to fix that for good is follow that link, register on Mojang's bug tracker and vote for the issue. The bug is known for a long time, but is not fixed yet - maybe we need more hype. – Orc JMR Jun 13 '14 at 7:56

There are three ways to fix a chunk error:

  1. Log off and log on again
  2. Press F3 + A
  3. Reset your Render distance in display options

Sources are here and here

Edit: As additional information, option 2 and 3 forcibly reload all chunks.

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Three ways to help chunks to load

  1. Try resetting your world. The chunks may not cooperate with how fast/slow your world is loading.
  2. Check your render distance. Make sure your world is not too many/less chunks.
  3. Check your WiFi. Another reason your world may not be loading fully is because of WiFi. If you have 2 or less bars, (or none) your world will not load. Try resetting your WiFi if it is running slow.
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Use MCEdit if chunks do not load. Make sure you try logging off and back on to make sure beforehand.

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