I realize that tainted regions are important for certain things in Thaumcraft, but I hate that it spreads so voraciously.

I've tried placing a ring of cobblestone around it to contain the area, but it inevitably spreads to new areas and I have constant damage control going on.

I don't want to disable it, so what is the best way to eliminate taint in an area?

Specifically, I am referring to Thamcraft that is included in the Direwolf20 modpack from Feed The Beast. I believe this is Thaumcraft 4 (from Direwolf20 Modpack Mods )

  • You should clarify which ThaumCraft version you are talking about, there are three versions which are all vastly different.
    – user79446
    Jun 13, 2014 at 12:58

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You can stop spreading of taint and remove taint by placing down an "Ethereal Bloom" where the taint is.

Ethereal Blooms can be created in a crucible from the Shimmerleaf plants found growing under wild Silverwood Trees. They seem to show a strong resistance to Taint, and will clear a small area around them from this vile corruption. Source: http://thaumcraft-4.wikia.com/wiki/Ethereal_Blooms


I've found that a good way to destroy an area of taint is make a large amount of Alumentum and blow it up. For taint to be eliminated, all the tainted blocks have to be destroyed. Obviously it's hard to do this with a shovel/pickaxe because of the effects of taint. You can also try TNT but I found alumentum easier because you're able to throw it at the taint.

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