I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that allows me to enter the stats for the four collectibles I equip to my character.

I want to know based on the four collectibles I chose what my damage will be against the varying types of monsters. I can't seem to get the math right.

I find the section of Advancing Levels somewhat confusing in how it's written




For "regular" damage (Physical and Elemental based):

A fire monster equipped with a '+5% fire attack' item will: A) Do 5% more damage against fire, and B) Do 5% more damage with fire-based attacks.

Items will NOT boost each other's bonuses, so a +40% attack and a +50% attack will result in 190% total damage, not 210%.


For example: A +40% Physical ATK item will: A) Add 40% to all Physical damage they do, and B) Add another 20% to all damage against Physical based monsters on top of that for a total of +60% to the damage multiplier ( DamageMultiplierIcon ).

For Poison it is not the multiplier, but the roll, that is affected:

For example: Rolling a 4 on a poison die with 200% Poison ATK means your "DICE TOTALS: POISON:" will be equal to 12 instead of 4. At least two things are true when it comes to poison attacks: A) The damage multiplier can NEVER effect poison damage, and B) The dice total for poison will always round up (e.g. rolling a 2 on a poison die with an item that boost Poison ATK by +1% will result in a 3).

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