In World Of Warcraft, I see people using raid target icons in chat. How can I do this?


Although extremely annoying when people use them to spam trade, inserting icons into chat can be very useful for certain situations, especially for party/raid leaders (even tanks leading groups who want a macro that says "skull first, then x, sheep moon")

The easiest method for me is to put the name of the symbol in curly braces as such: {skull} You can also reference them by number, which can save space in macros but is less clear what each icon is: {rt8}

The full list of icons are:

  • Star {Star} / {rt1}
  • Circle {Circle} / {Coin} / {rt2}
  • Diamond {Diamond} / {rt3}
  • Triangle {Triangle} / {rt4}
  • Moon {Moon} / {rt5}
  • Square {Square} / {rt6}
  • Cross {Cross} / {X} / {rt7}
  • Skull {Skull} / {rt8}
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    If used in a group of players with different languages, use {rt#} instead of {name}. A German client can not understand English target names, like {skull} or vice versa. – dly Mar 17 '17 at 13:46

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