I have played Pixel People for a couple of days now and I am confused on the golden hearts. Sometimes, after the heart fills up, a golden heart appears in the heart counter at the top of the screen. I don't know how I did this, so can anyone clarify how to conduct this procedure? Also, what advantages to the golden hearts bring? A special reward? Nothing at all?

I would also love sources. Thanks for your help!

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I have my information from Wikia. You can get these golden hearts when the couple in the house produces offspring. It depends on which line it is when there are multiple couples in a house (the 4+ buildings). More golden hearts when you complete the heart counter is believed to give a better reward, but that is not sure.

I do not know how you can determine if a couple can produce offspring. Some couples that produce offspring are the following:

  • Mechanic-Engineer
  • Sheriff-Sheriff
  • Lawyer-Sheriff
  • Marine-Soldier
  • Writer-Artist
  • Athlete-Athlete
  • Cameraman-Cameraman
  • Writer-Writer
  • Ballet Dancer-Rapper
  • Athlete-Cheerleader
  • Plumber-Construction Worker
  • Bartender-Waiter
  • Programmer-Programmer
  • Programmer-Artist
  • Assistant-Civil Servant
  • Guitarist-Bassist
  • Caddie-Cheerleader
  • Figure Skater-Mountain Climber
  • Sommelier-Chef
  • Gym Instructor-Martial Artist
  • Gymnast-Ringmaster
  • Talkshow Host-Reporter
  • Skateboarder-Olympic Swimmer
  • Wrestler-Figure Skater
  • Scientist-Mathematician
  • Scientist-Doctor
  • Gardener-Farmer

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