I was reading up on X Rebirth and keep reading that the game like the rest of the series is active even when the player is not present.

for each game Wikipedia says it only has a Single Player Mode and it can come on a physical format but this matters little as Wikipedia had the same information for SimCity (before Offline Mode was released)

So does the X Series require one to be online to play?

  • "Active when player is not present" does not mean active when the game is not running.
    – TZHX
    Commented Jun 20, 2014 at 7:18

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No, a persistent internet connection is not required for playing any of the games so far released in the series. A connection is required for Steam activation on the latest game, but that's it.


I've checked several sources.

Source, Source2 (in German), Source3, Source4, Source5

None says a permanent internet connection is required. Since some of the sources would show something like "permanent internet connection required" for other games, I think one can say that X-Rebirth doesn't require one!


You need a persistent internet connection to play Dead-is-Dead mode in the X3 series. Connection drops have led to frustration, and a tendency to avoid playing this mode.

X-Rebirth is a Steam required game, but you can certainly play it in offline mode. Subscriptions to mods, etc. in the Workshop will not sync in Offline mode.

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