I would like to create a custom modpack for personal use, without needing to upload to the technic website. Is that possible, how does that work? If it doesn't, is there another launcher that i could use? What i want to do is replace certain mods in tekkit-lite, using a copy of the modpack.

  • From my experience you can just change the mods in the tekkit lite folder although make sure you backup the modpacks folder as it will be reset. Other than that have you tried multi mc? – Harvey Jun 22 '14 at 13:38
  • Just a warning: the Tekkit Modpacks are "modpacks" as in not "just a bunch of mods thrown together". The mods in them are made compatible with each other, e.g. ItemID conflicts are solved, etc. – MrLemon Jun 23 '14 at 16:28
  • @MrLemon i looked around the modpack folders enough to know that much, is there documentation how to make configuration files properly on my own? – kutschkem Jun 24 '14 at 8:46

If you are just wanting to add a few mods then you can do this to tekkit lite. Go to %APPDATA%/roaming/.technic/modpacks/"name of pack here" and place the mods in the mods folder. If you do this, then be sure to make a copy of the modpacks's folder as it can be reset from time to time.

Other than that, you can use multi mc which allows you to have many different profiles as well as easily install forge and other mods.

  • I went with MultiMC and managed to migrate the profile from the technic launcher there. Thanks! – kutschkem Jun 24 '14 at 8:47

hey i understand your want for a custom modpack, there is a very simple easy way to get a custom modpack with just a few clicks (can have 200+ mods). one catch it isn't on the technic launcher, you have to use a launcher called "AT Launcher".

  1. download the launcher (The AT Launcher)
  2. open the launcher and go to the packs page
  3. scroll down until you find "Solitary Craft"
  4. click the New instance button next to the pack
  5. select the mods you would like in your pack via the pop-up window that appears within the launcher
  6. wait for mods to download
  7. play and enjoy

It is possible in technic launcher (build 204) by editing %appdata%\.technic\installedPacks.

  1. Use Launcher to download vanilla or another pack you want to use as base for modepack
  2. Close launcher
  3. copy "source mode pack" to new directory in %appdata%\.technic\modpacks
  4. in installedPacks create new block for your new pack:

"My pack": {
"name": "My pack",
"build": "recommended",
"directory": "%MODPACKS%\Mypack"

  1. in same file add new row in "byIndex" list

"byIndex": [
"My pack"

  1. Start Launcher and your pack will be listed in modpack section.

I recommend using a different launcher like MultiMC. The old Tekkit Launcher supported custom zips, but the new one handles everything automatically through the Technic Platform.

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