I obtained Mass Effect 3 as a free game for the compensation for the Sim City downtime, more than a year ago. I liked ME3 quite a lot, and even played it more than SC itself. Now I still play it occasionally, as it is the only online shooter I have on the PC.

About a week ago, I bought a second-hand Wii U, with ME3 as one of the games included. I didn't play it yet (Mario Kart first of course :P), but I wondered if it's possible to share my online results between the Wii U and PC. I don't care about the single player savegame, just the online rewards. Will my earnings on the Wii U be transferred (via my Origin account) and obtained on my PC?


No. The games on each system are considered separate games and do not share unlocks.

Here is the N7HQ profile page. You can see each system in the dropdown box.

  • Ahh, thanks. I visited the HQ page quite often, for the tracking of certain achievements. But I never though it would be handy to click the dropdown box with my name on it :) – Mathias711 Jun 23 '14 at 5:58

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