For example, both Fire and Fira would imbue my Spell Fencer's attacks with fire damage. Does using Fira (a level 3 fire spell) over Fire (a level 1 spell) cause my attacks to deal extra damage, or are they both just now "fire" attacks and the extra MP I used for the more expensive spell is wasted? How much more damage would using Fira give, if any?

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Your attacks will do more damage with a higher-level sword magic applied.

I ran a few tests tests of this: the same character with the same equipment and level hit the same same monster with varying levels of sword magic applied. I averaged 3 data points for each sword magic.

  • Blizzard: 1216 damage
  • Blizara: 1530 damage
  • Blizaga: 1931 damage

I then added Sword Magic Amp and exploited the enemy's elemental weakness:

  • Fire: 2634 damage
  • Fira: 3421 damage
  • Firaga: 3702 damage

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