Some time ago I downloaded a bunch of steam games, that later I found out I couldn't play due to my shit graphics card. Now that I got a new one, I want to re download them, but they don't show up in my library, only some do. Also, I did I system restore to my pcs original settings and things. Is here any way I can list all of the games?


Sounds like you might have your filter set wrong. Try following these instructions:

Most of my games appear but some are missing

Sometimes Steam will appear to be functioning correctly, except certain games will be missing from your list. If you are absolutely sure that you are logged in to the correct Steam account, then the issue is most likely that your filter is set incorrectly. Please log in to your Steam account using the Steam client and ensure that all games are visible by clicking View > All Games on the upper-left corner of the Library > Games list.

Another possibility is that some ports are being blocked by your firewall and/or router. Since Steam cannot connect on all of the ports it uses, it may run into a problem verifying one of your games. To see the list of ports and to make sure that all of the ports for Steam are open, please follow this guide.

From the Steam support site

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