I registered account in Legue of Legends. I was not asked at which server I want to create account. That account allows me only to login "EU Nordic & East" server. Is it possible to login with that account on other server then "EU Nordic & East" ? If yes how? If not, how can I create account for other server?

SOLVED: I found the place Where I can switch region on registration page.


It is possible, however you'll have to pay for a server transfer.

You can find the server transfer option in the shop (on the Other tab), and can relocate your account to any region.

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    Please keep in mind that the account will only exist on one server. You can not switch back and forth for free. – eyeofthehawks Jun 27 '14 at 16:56

If you want to use your main account you will have to do a server transfer. For some servers this is free, while for others there is a small amount of RP you have to pay.

If you just want to create an account you can visit the homepage of LoL and there you can choose a region where you can register a new account.

enter image description here

After you've created your account you have to choose the server you've created it on in the launcher

enter image description here

Note that you need a special permission to play on Asian servers

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