Worms Armageddon is installed and all menu options work except the drop bars, they are blank (not including during gameplay)

****The worst is during game play, it lags so bad it is impossible to play.**** (does not lag in menu before a match)

I have tryed the other technique posted for other problems on here (other than installing an earlier windows version) but there has to be a way.

I need the wisdome of the WWW to set me on the path to enlightenment. please help :)

  • What are your computer specs? – rlecaro2 Oct 20 '14 at 19:14

Make sure that you are using the latest update.

Try selecting a different graphics API from the advanced options screen.

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Make sure you are running Worms in compatibility mode:

  1. right click on the icon
  2. select "properties"
  3. select the "compatibility" tab
  4. you should be running Worms for compatibility with Windows 98 - Windows XP

I have had problems with Worms 2 and Worms World Party, as they are made for earlier operating systems and do not run by themselves on windows 7/8.

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