When I check my progression it shows me that I am on 6/7 for Missing Persons. I have been awarded the Wildfire rifle and it is in my inventory. I also confirmed that I have six audio logs in my inventory and listened to them all once more.

The final mission "Crie for Your Daughter - Eliminate the Finger Paint Killer" doesn't trigger. I didn't get a map icon over the trailer park in Pawnee. I ran around the trailer park but that did nothing.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Ok, the answer is simple. The Darkness Looms Trophy mission to complete the Missing Persons arch is not available till after the main story has advanced past the Hope is a Sad Thing mission in Pawnee.

Once the Hope is a Sad Thing mission is complete the serial killer will call Aiden and the Missing Persons arch can be completed.

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