I would like to play different mods. I want to play Attack Of B team on one Minecraft, another on a different mod, and a vanilla Minecraft. I don't know if I have to have separate Minecraft files, but I want to do that. Also, I don't know computer stuff very well so try to explain it as well as you can.

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    Have you ever used the Technic Launcher? technicpack.net/download – eyeofthehawks Jul 7 '14 at 18:58
  • I am using MultiMC, you can use it if you need to customize more. If you just want a predefined modpack, then you should give Technic Launcher a try. – kutschkem Jul 7 '14 at 20:16
  • This is exactly what Minecraft profiles are for in the 1.6+ launcher. – WildWeazel Jul 7 '14 at 20:37

What you are looking for is "Profiles"

  1. Open your launcher up and navigate to the "Profile Editor" tab

  2. Click on the "New Profile" Option

  3. Enter information into the fields

    • Name: Attack of the B-Team
    • Game Directory: C:\Users\< USER_NAME >\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\AttackOfBTeam
    • Use version: pick your version this probably contains "forge" in it
    • JVM Arguments: -Xmx2G

What did we just do?

We added a new instance of the version of forge in your ".minecraft" folder, now you want to do this again for Snapshots and Recommended, for snapshots you will check the "Enable experimental development versions" box

Your game directories should be bound to:

  • C:\Users\ < USER_NAME >\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\Snapshots
  • C:\Users\ < USER_NAME >\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\Recommended

Respectively, next your going to want to copy worlds, servers and texturepacks into recommended. You will want to put your AotB-Team in its respective folder aswell.

To play the current version of minecraft you will choose: Recommended

To play the latest version of minecraft you will choose: Snapshot

To play AotB-Team you will choose: Attack of the B-Team

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